Suppose your soul purpose was to assist in the

Awakening Of Humanity

Well you are not alone! Let’s work together to achieve the changes we desire.

Statement from the Founder

Our beliefs are fundamental to who we are and how we fit into society. They control our behavior and our interactions with ourselves and the outside world. They can be deep-rooted and passed down from generation to generation. Our beliefs have brought us to our present situation in the World whether we judge that position to be good or bad. Most importantly I believe our beliefs have the ability to take us into a new understanding of who we are and in so doing take us to places that we have only dreamed about. A way of living with each other that many will say is not possible because we have lived a certain way for so long. A World where we can have a level of cooperation the likes of which we have never seen before. A place where we share information and technology for the mutual benefit of all of Earth’s inhabitants. A World that works together to solve its problems. A world where there is no war or conflict, where no one goes without at least the basic things to support life.

We can not simply find financial, political or sociological solutions to a problem that is none of these. The answer resides in our spirituality, and in order to change that we will require a spiritual shift, a raising of the global consciousness. The good news is that we do not have to convince the whole World of this. We just have to reach that critical mass. That magical percentage of people that will send the snowball rolling down the hill and bring about the change we so desperately seek.

We at The Belief Footprint are doing our part in bringing about that shift. I believe the current events around the pandemic and subsequent lock-down have given us a reset button. By simply allowing some of us to time to think and reflect, a lot of us are concluding things can not carry on as they are. We have had a chance to re-assess what really matters and given ourselves an opportunity to demand change on a personal as well as on a global level.

I have said since this pandemic began, that if we are not using this time to get better physically, mentally and spiritually we are missing a great opportunity for growth. There is no way we should come out on the other side of this shutdown the same as we went in. So how will you change? How will you contribute to creating a World of our dreams? We are in action times my friends.

C. Hutson (Founder)